"tgey invented gay rights for this" -iso squarepantz

MARTIN LOMAX FROM THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 FULL SEQUENCE RELEASED IN 2011 AND DIRECTED BY TOM SIX MY POOR LITTLE MEOW MEOW MY LITTLE TIEPSNY MY ZCRIMBLO MY ZCRUNKLY MY EVERYTHING MY BELOVED MY BEZT FRIEND MY ZOME GUY etc etc. i love him a lot ok... hez my qpp in the real (zlazh zeriouz)!!! uhm if you think youre (dating) him or "zelfzhip" with him or you factkin him no you dont ^_^ kys heart emoji! otherwize if youre a martin enjoyer you can ztay but youre on thin ice bc you guyz arent normal. he meanz zo zo zo much to me ok... Pleaze Look At Him Neow. alzo put your thoughtz about him in the cbox. if u think hez bad and ztinky you are wrong and i hate you btw