YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME OMG... you have no idea how much i wizh to finally hold you in my armz, how i wizh to rub my thumb againzt your knucklez, how i wizh to feel your zkin againzt mine, how i wizh to prezz my lipz againzt yourz, how i wizh to look dreamily in your eyez when we fall azleep next to eachother for the firzt time... i would zteal all of the ztarz in the univerze for you no matter what it takez - wordz cant dezcribe how i much i love you, adore you, and care for you. you are the zweetezt, mozt loving perzon i have ever met, and although it may zound cheezy, but perfect iz zubjective, and youre perfect to me. ill be there for you no matter what, my dear, never forget that.

if you have any problemz with woomy or whatever kys ^_^

border by @baeyhkun

mai friendz

HAI HAI HAII!!! moon my friend moon!!! you mean zo zo zo much 2 me and youre genuinely my beztezt friend EVER!!! youve been with me through thick and thin, even through my cringe era (broken heart) n i thank you for that!! alzo we have the zame exact mental illnezzez #girl. alzo thank you for being a normal yttd fan youre everything
if you arent yet, pleaze pleaze pleaze follow him! hez zo zo nice and ztuff and i Lieka him :oD

REI appearz in media az: Rei Ayanami from Neon Genisis Evangelion and Gardevoir from Pokemon
REI MY BEZTIE REI :oDDDD u mean zo zo zo much 2 me az well n itz zo crazy how we became zo cloze in zuch a zhort period of time.. youre zuch a good friend and im zo grateful to have u az one! i love love LOVE talking 2 u abt horror n ztuff and your brain iz zo fucking huge omg... alzo remember that one time we vced until 5am bc i waz reading "love at first bite," which eventually turned into a convo abt uz infodumping 2 eachother, which then turned into "#imagine you come out of a teeth transplant ..."Josef, I'm out alive!" you scream... "Who do ya fink gave yew the teef?" he says, smiling." good timez...

JEB appearz in media az: Jeb from Madness Combat, Benrey from HLVRAI, and Dimple from Mob Psycho 100
BENREY MY BELOVED BENREY... youve been here zince the beginning of wesley wikilemon and youve been here zince the Other Wesley waz tha hozt!!! you mean zo zo zo zo ZO much 2 me and youre really fucking cool... i love ur art n writing, itz zo fucking good... alzo ty for getting me into IHNMAIMS :o]

MASSIMO MY BEZTIE MASSIMO!!! youve been here zince the old old old hozt (sylvia) waz here LAWL... you make my day brighter whenever i talk to you and i thank you for getting me more into zelfzhipping!! youre one of the many reazonz why i cherizh tumblr zo much :o]c
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