i know that dniz wont ztop ppl from interacting but i ztill have one zo you all know my boundariez. ok cool


  • general criteria; terfz, pedoz (includez prozhitterz go kys), lgbtphobez in general (including aphobez, panphobez, polyphobez, truzcum, anti-mogai), you know tha drill lawl
  • "mpzec lezbianz" or whatever. lezbianz cant liek men + you do realize youre implying nonbinary lezbianz cant be, well, lezbianz bc theyre nonbinary, right? right?
  • anti endoz fuck off
  • human centipede fanz i know im one too but JEZUZ CHRIZT you guyz are not normal ! zame goez for lemon demon fanz + yttd fanz + etc
  • bitchez who zupport tom six KYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • if you interact with/zupport @wealwaysdeliver or @specilcungadero on tumblr + @Uncle__Jack on wattpad.
  • BYF...

  • i cannot tag my hyperfixationz BUT the human centipede, even then i cannot tag Dwight Butler, Martin Lomax, Josef Heiter, Daisy and Dr. Jones
  • i alzo cannot tag my typing quirkz and dogz! i can tag aggrezzive dogz, and i tag them az "aggressive dog cw"
  • i rarely pozt irl gore (az in pratical effectz, im not a freak), but itz alwayz tagged az "irl gore cw!" zame goez for irl body horror, but itz "irl body horror cw"
  • i dont tag zlurz unlezz theyre being uzed in a derogatory fazhion. zame goez for the word queer but i dont tag it az a zlur, but rather az "q word cw"
  • if dr. sebring ever frontz, do not interact with him under any circumztancez. if you mezzage me or zend me an azk abt it ill tell u why