I MOVED ZITEZ! I ZTILL HAVE THE ZAME NAME! wikilemon.neocities.org

or Polybius, or Javabean, or the plethora of other namez i have! ^_^
by the by, herez where the bg'z from!

HAIII!!! [wavez] az u can tell, mai name iz Wesley n i uze wrath/gut/it pronounz! im a biatsinix gay (mlm/nblm) aroace mad zcientizt zcene kid who makez "zlazher zlazherz" on itz perzonal navi ^_^ btw if you reblog zomething relating 2 dogz + mad zcience and dont tag me in it youll become one of mai unwilling tezt zubjectz hehe... whether im joking or not iz up 2 u 2 decide ;o] im alzo a profezzional zuibaiter ezp if youre a panphobe/aphobe/pedo/etc ^_^ im alzo taken by the beztezt qpp anyone could azk for!! i love you zo much my dear (heart)

if youre curiouz, im a fictive of BB from the "Of The Killer" zeriez, Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain, Herbert West from Reanimator, Randal Ivory from Ranfren, n zome more! kys if you claim 2 be me or factkin me ^_^

on the topic of my zeveral illnezzez, im zchizophrenic, autiztic, narcizziztic and the hozt of a zyztem (duh)! thatz all im comfortable revealing, pleaze do not pry for my other Ambigiouz Dizorderz (broken heart emoji)

alzo, i zhould mention that im white, goy, and tme! i am not ablebodied though.

zome fun factz abt myzelf: i like talking abt myzelf a lot (az you can tell HJUYGFDHAJ), my favorite word EVER iz "silly," my zecond favorite word EVER iz "penis," i make muzic, im making a pazzion project called The Spirit Line (if you azk me abt it ill love you forever), my favorite movie of all time iz Heartbeeps and if you dont like it then youre wrong and you zhould explode, i zelfzhip to cope with my ambigiouz dizorderz (azk for my zelfzhip blog if we're mutualz!), i liek being nice to ppl bc itz not zomething many of uz get to experience n i wanna brighten pplz dayz whenever i can; alzo being nice iz zuch a nice feeling! i liek being nice :o]

other than that, feel free to mezzage me (even if we're not mutualz)! if we are mutualz though (key word: are) then feel free 2 tag me in thingz that make u think of me!

thatz abt all 4 now :o] herez zome wesleycore picz or zomething under the gif of me and my family lawl

DNI/BYF + intereztz + zhrinez + friendz